Strinner - DEVIATION  

  UK based producer Strinner does not disappoint with his debut solo release on Steyoyoke Recordings. The Deviation EP offers three original ethereal techno compositions, all different yet equally matched in quality. The title track "Deviation" gets you moving from the start, yet slowly builds with morphing rhythms and darkly progressing synthesizers. Its spotless production makes it enjoyable to listen through headphones or played out with the bass turned on high. "Cessation" bounces and shakes, with steadily pulsing tones and beautiful melodies weaved in throughout. "Overture" layers blipping synths with heavier beats but then recedes, and comes back in full force. This driving repeated pattern creates a memorable piece of techno. All tracks on the Deviation EP will undoubtedly make listeners want to dance, yet they do more to intrigue the ear with their fluctuating beats and musical elements. An exciting first release for Strinner in the Steyoyoke family.

  2018.10.13 |  

Thorin - LET GO  

  Thorin is back at Bonzai Progressive with the superb Let go which features his outstanding original as well as two quality remixes. It's been a while since we've had a full release from this guy, he has provided solid remixes in the times since his last full cut ? Secrets. Despite the hiatus he remains consistent in delivering top notch sounds, something we've become accustomed to from him. As ever we're delighted to see him deliver the goods once again and we have no doubt we will be seeing much more.
The Original Mix opens with a solid, punchy kick drum and probing bass combo. Shuffling hi hats and sharp claps make up a cool rhythmic flow as pulsing synths fade in. Powerful stabs herald in a much deeper groove as the melodies line up in the background. On the break a magical sequence filled with alluring melodies takes over to dominate for the duration. A sublime slice which carries a beautiful progressive vibe.

  2018.10.13 |  
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