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PRG Radio (Progressive Radio) is a fast growing online radio that introduces the brand new broadcasting concept with only new music on air. 
PRG Radio offers the best Progressive House and Techno music, the latest hits, updated playlists every day, interesting showcases and much more! 
PRG Radio (Progressive Radio) is a radio for young active listeners aged 16-40 yo who want to stay up to date with the latest musical trends. 
Monthly broadcasting covers 64 countries including USA, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Italy, etc. 
PRG Radio (Progressive Radio) is a multilingual online radio that breaks the stereotypes and pushes the boundaries. 

Progressive House / Deep House  

  1. ab aeterno - Two Fingers to Sanity (Original Mix) LABEL Balkan Connection South America
  2. Albert R. - Pitchblack (Hot TuneiK Remix) LABEL Clinique Recordings
  3. Berni Turletti - Feel Together (Fabri Lopez Remix) LABEL Nube Music Records
  4. Chris Sterio & Sean McClellan - Grace (Original Mix) LABEL Pangea Recordings
  5. CJ Peeton - Ordinary (Dowden Remix) LABEL Stellar Fountain
  6. Clivton - Reflect (Original Mix) LABEL Soundteller Records
  7. Dimuth K & A-Jay (SL) - Yavapai (Original Mix) LABEL Particles
  8. Eze Ramirez - Khain (Original Mix) LABEL Beathey Recordings
  9. Halaros - Robots in Confusion (Original Mix) LABEL Lincor
  10. Juan Pablo Torrez - Two Souls Reconciliation (Original Mix) LABEL Perspectives Digital
  11. Juan Pablo Torrez & Kamilo Sanclemente - Anxiety (Original Mix) LABEL Perspectives Digital
  12. Kasper Koman - March (Original Mix) LABEL YOMO Records
  13. Laurent Chanal - Marlin (Nicolas Rada Remix) LABEL Reworck
  14. Marcelo Paladini - Moonrocks (Original Mix) LABEL TwoSounds Records
  15. Matthew Loots - Flashpoint (Original Mix) LABEL Triplefire Music
  16. Men-D - Burundian (Hasith Remix) LABEL BC2
  17. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic vs. Rick Pier O'Neil - Dementia (Original Mix) LABEL Perspectives Digital
  18. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic vs. Rick Pier O'Neil - Obsession (Darin Epsilon Remix) LABEL Perspectives Digital
  19. Nico Cerban - Sophia (Ricardo Piedra Remix) LABEL Massive Harmony Records
  20. Praveen Achary - Subside (Ezequiel Arias Club Mix) LABEL Balkan Connection
  21. Simply City & Michael A - Brabant (Original Mix) LABEL Sudbeat Music
  22. Stan Kolev - Disenthrall (Original Mix) LABEL Outta Limits
  23. Tony Dia - Palm Trees & 40 Degrees (Original Mix) LABEL MUKKE
  24. Yashar Sargordan - Cosmic Mysticism (Mindmusik & Stasik T Remix) LABEL Mistique Music

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