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Time (Germany): 07 AM - 10 AM  
Time (Moscow): 09 AM - 00 PM

Electronica / Downtempo / Breaks / Drum and Bass / Liquid

New tracks on the air:

  1. Amigo 1000 ft. Jutty Ranx - A Game I Just Can't Win (Original Mix) LABEL Lifted House
  2. Beca - Captivity (A.Reddy & TomasNC Remix) LABEL LE Distribution
  3. Birocratic - Easy Money (Original Mix) LABEL Big Beat Records
  4. Breakdot - Lost Words (Original Mix) LABEL In Search Of Sense
  5. Crayon - Faith (feat. Stanislas Blu & Gracy Hopkins) LABEL Roche Musique
  6. Dapayk & Padberg - Harbour (Original Mix) LABEL Mo's Ferry Productions
  7. Das Butterschnitzel - Fixed (Original Mix) LABEL Fuchsklang Musik
  8. Dropped Alien ft Kuru - Neon Lights (Semi [RU] Remix) LABEL DEZZED
  9. Dvnkrvpt - Whispers (Original Mix) LABEL FATSTEP Records
  10. Flunk - Chemistry And Math (Original Mix) LABEL Beatservice
  11. Gold/Shade - March (Original Mix) LABEL Powerhouse Music
  12. Gold/Shade - WAVE.I (Original Mix) LABEL Powerhouse Music
  13. Gold/Shade - WAVE.II (Original Mix) LABEL Powerhouse Music
  14. James Farrelli - I Was Wrong (Original Mix) LABEL Music Brokers
  15. John Hanner - You (Original Mix) LABEL Xpanse Records
  16. KOAL - Fake Time (Original Mix) LABEL Blend
  17. Lila Liu - Vibrations (Original Mix) LABEL Music Brokers
  18. The Midnight - Synthetic (We Are All Astronauts 'Post-Rock' Vocal Remix) LABEL Silk Music
  19. Miles Away - Not Over U (Original Mix) LABEL Artist Intelligence Agency
  20. Monrroe - If Not Now (Original Mix) LABEL Galacy
  21. Monrroe feat. LaMeduza - Distant Future (Original Mix) LABEL Galacy 
  22. Monrroe ft. Blake - Falling Apart (Original Mix) LABEL Galacy 
  23. Null+Void - Take It Easy (feat. The Big Pink) LABEL hfn
  24. Occult & Marlon Percy - Twin Lakes (Original Mix) LABEL Substruct
  25. PACIFIX - NeedU (Original Mix) LABEL Artist Intelligence Agency
  26. Patrick Brian - 1 Year (Original Mix) LABEL TAR
  27. Patrick Brian - XR (Original Mix) LABEL TAR
  28. Raz Nitzan & Moya Brennan - Find The Sun (Original Mix) LABEL RNM (RazNitzanMusic)
  29. Reakte feat. R.Green - Imagine The Future (Original Mix) LABEL DNBB Digital
  30. ReauBeau feat. Esther Veen - Let Go (Original Mix) LABEL Kaleido Collective
  31. Sean Norvis & Kp London & Alexandra Mitroi - Bells From Beijing (Ibiza Sun of A Beach Remix) LABEL Cherokee Recordings
  32. Sirvo - Night is the limit(Original Mix) LABEL Audio Arc
  33. Tusks - Last (Vok Remix) LABEL One Little Indian Records
  34. Verso - Nil (Original Mix) LABEL Kundry Music
  35. ZENOX - Ash (Feat. Daniel Ketchum) LABEL Martian Bass Records

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