Alexiandro - Nightless

Alexiandro - Nightless

Alexiandro - Nightless

Alexiandro - Nightless

01. Alexiandro - Nightless (Original Mix)
02. Alexiandro - Crystal (Original Mix)
03. Alexiandro - Syrus (Original Mix)

Release Date 2021-04-23
Music Label Wout Records
Music Genre Melodic House & Techno

Release Description

We once again explore dreamlike realms of sound with Alexiandro's new EP on Wout Records.
The 3 tracker sparkles with variety, flourishes on the constant build-up and culminates in exploding melodies.

With "Nightless", Alexiandro shows his talent for layering compositions.
The highlights of the track are the slow, pad loaded parts that create an orchestral mood; in fact, enough to get lost in thought.

"Crystal" mesmerizes us with its enormous synth spectrum.
Most concisely stands out the use of the snare drum in the middle of the track that gives the whole a rousing groove.

"Syrus" is the punchiest and at the same time darkest track of the EP.
It gets this atmosphere from the continuous wobbling baseline and absolutely straight drums.

The EP fits impeccably into our idea of breathtaking sound.



Alexiandro born in Sicily in 1992.
He is a DJ / Producer who is set on the French Riviera. His melodic techno influences and his passion for clubbing led him to exhale with his own music.


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