Beatport Playlist November 2021

Beatport Playlist November 2021

Beatport Playlist November 2021

PRG Radio Best Beatport Playlist November 2021

Release Date 2021-11-04

Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Tech House, Progressive House, Afro House,
Melodic House & Techno, Organic House / Downtempo


Maceo Plex & Program2 feat. Giovanni - Revision
HEO - Cafe Del Mar (Borai & Denham Audio Rave Booty Mix)
Stephan Bodzin - Earth (Original Mix)
Horizon - Damon Jee - Horizon
Monolink - Under Dark (Innellea Remix)
Giorgia Angiuli - Renew
Agoria feat. Blase - What if midday was at midnite (Kolsch Remix)
Haffenfold - Eternal Winters (Original Mix)
Jochem Hamerling - Speculation (Artche Remix)
Jacme - Across the Lights of Diamantina (Original Mix)
BOg, 1926 - 22 Police (Original Mix)
Pavel Khvaleev, Blackfeel Wite - Chasing Dreams (Two Are Extended Remix)
James Hype - Dancing (Extended Mix)
Senses Of Mind - Creation Of Miracle (Original Mix)
R Plus feat. Amelia Fox - Hold On To Your Heart (Eli & Fur's Vocal Mix)
Samanta Liza & Panté - Dance With Me (Extended Mix)
Guy Mantzur, Tamir Regev Feat. Henny Lane - Your Heart's Desire
Made By Pete & Jem Cooke - I Am Not Afraid (Original Mix)
Hunter Game - Fire Circle (Original Mix)
Yotam Avni feat. dOP and Greg Paulus - Just Another Day (Glowal Remix)
Alessa Khin - Ayauasca (Original Mix)
ALMA (GER) - Mind Free (Original Mix)
TomSilver, Cesar Marquez - Conocerme (Original Mix)
Umgido - Pressure (Original Mix)
Vanco and Black Motion Feat. Xelimpilo - Memeza
Chaleee & Shredder SA feat. Tina Ardor - Shida (Original Mix)
Chelsea Como & Jacko - Until Tomorrow (Djeff Remix)
Thandi Draai & Candy Man - Out Of Africa
Audio J Feat. Fifi Matsho - Kuda Kwenyu (Original Mix)
Tomi H - No Time (Extended Mix)
Maty Owl - Alchemy (Original MIx)
Sasha Carassi Feat. Kendah - Invain (Original Mix)
Bjørk Stellar, Andy's Echo - River (Extended Mix)
Riggel - Endless Moment (Original Mix)
Pavel Khvaleev, Avis Vox - Everything (Extended Mix)
Kiman, Cruise (IT) - Confidence (Extended Mix)
Paul Hazendonk - We Are The Dreamers (DJ Zombi Remix)
Mikah - Chemical Romance (Original Mix)
Think City & K-Os Theory Feat. Leonie Sky - Into The Unknown (Extended Mix)
Thodoris Triantafillou - Non Stop (Original Mix)
TomSilver, Cesar Marquez - In Your Eyes
Upercent - Atrapa (Original Mix)
Edu Imbernon & Nico Casal Feat. Joe Wilson - In Your Head (Club Mix)
Alex Macris & Gizem Çınar – Lament (Original Mix)
Carbon & Lampé - Driving Mad (Original Mix)
Patrik Berg - Living The Lie
T78 - Liquid Night (Original Mix)
Eats Everything - Space Raiders (Space 92 Remix)
The Yellowheads & Julien Earle Feat. Brieanna Grace - Sorrys (Original Mix)
Miss Sheila - Indication (Original Mix)

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