DaCrazyFish - Party & Push it

DaCrazyFish - Party & Push it

DaCrazyFish - Party & Push it

DaCrazyFish - Party & Push it

01. DaCrazyFish - Party & Push it (Main Mix)
02. DaCrazyFish - Party & Push it (Mauro Novani Latin Dream Remix)
03. DaCrazyFish - Party & Push it (Tony Deledda Remix)
04. DaCrazyFish - Party & Push it (DJR3ZZ Remix)

Release Date 2021-04-08
Music Label Kattivo Records
Music Genre House | Deep House | Electro House

Release Description

The idea for this project originated from a deep desire of just wanting to Party again and Push the world of dance music to be hopefull, peacefull and respectfull in the simple joy of dancing together to great music.
Music Producer Frank Geleijns (DaCrazyFish) from the Netherlands, came up with the original idea for PARTY & PUSH IT.
Dropped that idea to Italian producer, and label owner of Kattivo Records, Mauro Novani which resulted in a balanced release that contains, besides the main mix, three super remixes by Mauro Novani, DJR3ZZ and Tony Deledda.

4 tracks in the same type of energy, but with totally different flows.

Party & Push it – DaCrazyFish (Main Mix)
Just how DaCrazyFish likes to produce his music.
With a fresh, new and happy approach.
With a rolling and pushing bass.
Completed with catchy drums and unexpected breaks.

Party & Push it – DaCrazyFish (Mauro Novani Latin Dream mix)
This track has an afro house feel to it with tropical drums and a warm bass.
Very suitable for an Ibiza summer party.
Feels even like Brasil at the copacobana.
Fresh and funky.
A very balanced remix track.

Party & Push it – DaCrazyFish (DJR3ZZ Remix)
This remix has a TECHNO feel with a tropical breeze.
Very cool.
You can hear and feel the sea.
Rolling drums to top it off.
Makes you forget time.

Party & Push it – DaCrazyFish (Tony Deledda Remix)
A fresh, sharp and funky remix, 80’s disco influenced. Let’s go back to funky times.
The bassline is killing it.
Feels like you’re at an outdoor DISCO Party.
The clean drumbreak in the middle of the track is a great peak in this track.

Kattivo Records is proudly releasing this release worldwide exclusively for two weeks on Traxsource on march 25th, 2021 and on all other major music platforms from April 8th, 2021.
All just in time to peak during the summer of 2021.



Frank (DJ and Producer DaCrazyFish) founded DCF Music NL in 2017 just to see if he could create techno, techhouse and house tracks that would get noticed, without being limited to one style.
His acronym DCF originally meant Da Coach Frank (in his time as an international Dance Coach).
Frank easily came up with DaCrazyFish as an artist name for his DJ/Producer adventure, because he wanted to be different and original. And actually when you read this, his plans to get noticed started working. 
Frank creates with energy and the feel of the moment.
For example, in the summer of 2019 while spending two short holidays in Ibiza and Inspired by DJ Solomun, who’s known for his house music with deep, ultra funky basslines and euphoric melodies, Frank created various tracks picked and released by YHV Records.
Very soon his track PIECE OF DRUMS will be released via YHV Records also.
His tracks are already available on Spotify, Google play, Apple Music, Beatport, Soundcloud and many more media channels.

04.06.2021 www.beatport.com

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