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Findike Exclusive Interview for PRG Radio

Findike Exclusive Interview for PRG Radio

Emrah Findik’s aka Findike 16th of april 1977. born in Germany living in Sakarya near his from istanbul is undoubtedly one of the most productive and refreshing electronic music producers out there. His music always shines a drop of well blended fusion of styles and originality... Most of his productions being internationally exposed and played by producers & DJ's all around the globe.

Findike Records Label Companies founder/own.

Findike Records - BLANC STONE - BSD Lumiere - Conjured Records - Massive Harmony Records - AH Digital - Bonzai Progressive - By Ground Digital - D&R Digital - Absurd State - Mystic Caraousel - Aeriform Records - Insomniafm Records - FlyCloud - Bunyi Records - Beat Block Records - Apex Lincor - Abstract Space Records - ATec - Morninglory Music - Estribo Records - Inmost - Re-Fresh Music

Rocksita: Let’s talk about the EDITION album released this August. What was your inspiration during making this album and what response did you get from fans?

Findike: Whenever I want to make an album,  inspiration comes to me, but I do not  know how it is very hard to explain, I think life , nature and things that I haved lived in the past.

Rocksita: This album has a lot of sounds of nature, some shamanic themes. Other times, something more cosmic comes along. Have I heard correctly?  Do you really have such a longing for nature, both in music and in life?

Findike: I absolutely love nature, so I'm sitting in an area away from Istanbul traffic. Where I live can be a factor!
I usually want to create my favorite sounds, but some inspiration comes instantly and fast. If I do not use that instant of creation and inspiration and save the project at that time it may never come back.

Rocksita: Every creator has an idea, a mood that he invests in his work. What mood did you want to convey to the listener? What was the message in these tracks?

Findike: My musical dark feelings are usually reflected, but these are a good sense because the past time I lived sometimes dramatic, sometimes exciting, sometimes fast, and especially all pure clean feelings I naturally want to share the spirit that comes to me with my fans!

Rocksita: What are your favorite movies? Do you read books? Can you name three of your favorite books?

Findike: In films I like horror, comedy and Adventure films and Documentary on animal Wild life.
Books,  well, I have no time to read, really!

Rocksita: In one of the compositions you have used a photo of Russian model Adel Posokhova  Did she attract your attention? Are you familiar?

Findike: I have used a photo of Russian model Adel Posohova because she happens to be a good friend I love her work and we support each other.

Rocksita: Recently, your fans heard a preview of Boiler Room 2.0. Can you tell more about the preparation and how will you surprise us?

Findike: I spent a lot of effort as in many albums I done and  I hope Boiller Room2.0 on D&R Digital will be more successful that Boiler Room witch was very good few years ago  and I hope my fans will love it!

Rocksita: What are the successes of Findike Records? What new talents did you discover this year and what should we expect from the studio in the near future?

Findike: We are team mates in Findike Records.
We work hard until we get the best quality in our biggest chance to be honest, to be equal, but step by steps we are growing up.  We did discover some great new talents  Ashal S  Tred Z  Axel Black Ramus  Bestami Turna and ILDES last year! For next year will bring new talented Discovery from Argentina  Juano Monti, Italia Veitha & Michele Anullo, Poland Ramzes  and more to come stay tune.

We bring gratitude for the work done:
Interviewer: Rocksita
Redactor: Aydee Ariza


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