Julien Vertigo | Introspection

Julien Vertigo | Introspection

Julien Vertigo - Introspection

1. Julien Vertigo - Introspection (Original Mix)
2. Julien Vertigo - Carpe Diem (Original Mix)

Release Date   2021-07-16
Music Label     Ear Porn Music
Music Genre    Melodic House & Techno

Release Description

Introspection is a gorgeous track that rides on a warm and supple house groove, with magical synths overlaid.
They bring light and cosmic charm, as well as plenty of subtly uplifting feelings of hope.
After that tender dance floor moment comes Carpe Diem, another succulent house tune that has real atmosphere.
The keys twinkling like stars, the synths shimmer and the bass-line holds the whole thing to the dance floor as you get lost in the moment.


Julien Vertigo

Julien Vertigo, DJ/Producer from the area of Nyon in Switzerland, has been an avid electronic music lover for years.
His dedication and love for music led him to take a huge leap in 2018, when he decided to fully commit himself to producing Melodic Techno.
The idea behind his project is to immerse people in an eclectic auditory experience of experimental melodies, techno beats and unexpected sounds that bring a more natural element to his tracks.
Julien has received support from Tiësto through his well-known Club Life Podcast and more recently from artists like Eli & Fur, Øostil or Kevin de Vries to name a few.
His journey is constantly evolving as he challenges himself and pushes his limits, allowing his passion for music to fuel him.

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