Los Fida - Neva

Los Fida - Neva

Los Fida - Neva | Harabe Records

Los Fida - Nevâ NEW EP

RELEASE DATE 2020-06-11
LABEL Harabe Records (HRB013)

Los Fida - Nevâ (Original Mix)
Los Fida - Nevâ (Anatolian Sessions Remix)
Los Fida - The Sound of Nostalgia (Original Mix)

Nevâ is a 3 tracks EP that 3 different moods with the same oriental elements can be found.
3 different atmosphere tracks takes us to the dance hall and we can all feel the vibes.
Middle eastern sounds meet energetic beats, Nevâ is very promising and quite emotional.
"The Sound of Nostalgia" is a perfect mixture of both very dark and yet very relaxing sounds in a nostalgic way with ethnic percussions.
"Nevâ" takes us to a journey and tells us a story like you were in a desert, with oriental lead melodies and percussions while it can still makes us dance.
"Nevâ (Anatolian Sessions Remix)" Nevâ becomes even more a dance track with Anatolian Sessions Remix with Anatolian Sessions interpretation and becomes a whole another journey.

Release is available for downloading and listening:

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