Massimo Logli | Libertas

Massimo Logli | Libertas

Massimo Logli - Libertas

1. Massimo Logli ft. YellowLight - Introspection (Extended Mix)
2. Massimo Logli - Libertas (Extended Mix)

Release Date   2021-07-16
Music Label     Superba Records
Music Genre    Electronica

Release Description

Massimo Logli step up to his Superba Records with a new EP that features a pair of brilliant new tunes.

Menkar feat. YellowLight is first up and sinks you immediately into a deep and dramatic groove.
It has rolling kicks and slick, well lit synths up top that really bring the emotion.
The keys rain down like cosmic rain and the whole thing has a beautiful sombre heart.
Then comes Libertas, another elegant techno track with lush melody. It comes from the keys that bubble away up top over the slick drums and really gets you in the zone.


Massimo Logli

Born in the 60s, he approaches music at the age of 12 picking up a musicassette on the street.
His parents buy him a player with difficulty and Massimo discovers that the cassette contains "Saturday Night Fever".
From there the journey begins and as a listener of various musical genres, at the age of 50 he starts the adventure as DJ.
The first private parties then the first summer club, the Faruk in Marina di Pietrasanta, where he performs under the stage name DJ The Cave.
In 2019, in collaboration with Silvano Delgado, he produced his first track “From Sax To Disco” and DJ The Cave becomes Massimo Logli DJ.
He performs in various clubs in Tuscany and in 2020 he becomes Resident of Ostras Beach, one of the best clubs in Versilia.
His top genre is Melodic Deep Techno but his DJ sets include others, such as Melodic Tech House and Progressive.
In 2021 releases on Blackboard records and he opens his label Superba Records.


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