Nuta Cookier - Space Rocket

Nuta Cookier - Space Rocket

Nuta Cookier - Space Rocket

Nuta Cookier - Space Rocket

01. Nuta Cookier - Space Rocket (Original Mix)
02. Nuta Cookier - Arkrab Trip (Original Mix)
03. Nuta Cookier - Pegasus Trip (Original Mix)
04. Nuta Cookier - Spacemoon (Original Mix)

Release Date 2021-03-31
Music Label Future Scope Recordings
Music Genre Techno

Release Description

Nuta Cookier is back to jump on his "Space Rocket", his new job on Future Scope Recordings.

In this Ep, the São Paulo artist dedicates four track to space exploration, starting with the groovy and Acid title-track "Space Rocket", with its dark and haunted atmospheres.

The journey continues with "Arkrab Trip", with its solid bassline and glitchy percussions, and then "Pegasus Trip", pushing straight on the groove with a clean and powerful kick.

Last stage is "Spacemoon", the most melodic of the bounce, with its synth stabs remembering of the Detroit style.

Out On Future Scope Recordings on March the 31st, don't miss it!


Nuta Cookier

Musician, Composer, Dj, and live act performer.
Nuta Cookier has more than 15 years in this market, releasing music in different styles techno, acid, tech house, progressive house, trance, chill out, and New Age music.
Always looking forward to innovation, he creates his live act show with 8 electronic instruments playing live without computer only hardware.
He is also remixed by names such as; Mike Push, Marco Bailey, Tom Hades, A*S*Y*S, Axel Karakasis, A. Paul, Talla 2XLC, Oliver Lieb, and many others.
Nuta has more them 400 tracks released and every month there is something new going out.
Listen to him is always a mix of energy and spiritual connection into new planets and galaxies.


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