Yvan Cole - Start a Religion

Yvan Cole - Start a Religion

Yvan Cole - Start a Religion

01. Yvan Cole - Start a Religion
02. Yvan Cole - Start a Religion (DJ Tribe Remix)
03. Yvan Cole - Start a Religion (Mark Freitag Remix)

Release Date   2021-05-07
Music Label     Vorwärts Musik
Music Genre    Melodic House & Techno

Release Description

Release No. 23 on Vorwärts Musik is "Start A Religion" by the Italian producer Yvan Cole.
The original mix is a melodic and catchy tune, with an huge bassline and a deep vocal, accompanied by rich synthesizers.
DJ Tribe provides a more Techno oriented remix, speeding up the groove a bit, and giving it a dancefloor-oriented shape.
Third version is signed by Mark Freitag, who gives a more uplifting tone to the melody, keeping the deepness of the tune unaltered.


Yvan Cole

Yvan Cole is a Milan based DJ/Producer and sound engineer.
His music journey started pretty early when he began studying classical guitar at the age of 10.
He later began his first live experiences playing electric guitar, drums and singing in several Rock/Metal bands, this is when he developed his entertaining skills and a true love for performing in front of a crowd.
At the age of 22 he moved to London where he spent the following 7 years, melting with the local music scene and fashion.
His most notable experience there was being part of Interstellar Love Machine project, discovering synthesisers and sequencers like Ableton in order to prepare live sets for the band.
He moved back to Milan in 2019 and started studying music production, sound engineering and sound design at N.A.M. Milano, he finally got his degree at the end of 2020.
His works reflect his timeless passion for music, ranging from Techno to Rock n Roll and everything in between.
He loves powerful synth sounds and groovy rhythms and often includes his voice recordings in his pieces, delivering catchy killer lines.

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