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Russell E.L. Butler is building a home in techno

Russell E.L. Butler’s artistic process is built on community. Based in Oakland since 2009, the Bermudian producer, DJ and live musician has become an increasingly vital figure within a global wave of artists and collectives reinstating techno’s identity as a boundless and borderless social movement – one which makes use of defiant rhythms and rapturous sound design to kick against oppressive power structures, and which gives a voice to those who are so often marginalised and silenced.

Where for some, art, music and the pursuit of survival therein has become an act of radical individualism, Butler – who self-describes as a “non-binary, queer, black, immigrant” – is dedicated to nurturing an environment of mutual platforming, where both individual and collective achievements are celebrated and championed, and where exchanges of ideas, asetts and spaces are crucial. 

It’s something that’s evidenced throughout their catalogue of immense, experimental and radiant techno. Take 2017’s


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